Dry Muscat

By Kim Chalmers

Dry Muscat

In 2014 we have taken a few special bucketwine pre-orders for specific ferments. ┬áThis fruit is from our Heathcote vineyard, the northern Italian variety moscato giallo or yellow muscat – you can see why when the grapes are naturally this golden [#nofilter].

These grapes are destined for three little wines for the amazing Movida restaurants, a trio of dry muscat table wines.  The result of making a dry wine from the highly perfumed moscato grape is a super aromatic wine with a lean, mineral palate.

Partly inspired by the dry moscatel wines of Spain, we are making three different vinifications for Melbourne’s Spanish cuisine legends: a clean pressed juice ferment, a crushed ‘on skins’ ferment and a whole berry ferment.



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