Schioppettino – At last!

A mysterious red Italian grape which has become a bit more well known over the last decade due to renegade producers like Bressan from Prepotto, Fruili.  Schioppettino has the most enormously elongated bunches (as long as your forearm) and crunchy berries that pop when you bite them – that’s where the name is said to originate from the local dialect for ‘little gun shot’ – BANG – a flavour explosion in your mouth.  The vibrant purple hue and spicy ginger and black pepper notes of the wine make it unique.  The warmer conditions in our vineyard(s) ward off the hard herbal notes which can sometimes detract.

Our first trial wines were WAY BACK in 2005/6 and they certainly showed promise despite being blended away in the end.  But we never gave up.  We LOVE this variety.  And It is loving our Heathcote vineyard so far… Watch this space.