Rarest of Rare – Pavana

Pavana is a rare red grape from Veneto and Trentino, around Valsugana, which has almost disappeared from cultivation.  It proliferated there at the time that Valsugana was part of Austria but after the borders shifted and the region became part of Italy the grape and it’s wine passed out of favour and Pavana vineyards were replaced with more profitable plantings.  It’s a relative of Schiava and makes very pale, perfumed and slightly herbal red wines.  15 years ago, when we first got our hands on this variety, that type of wine was certainly not of interest to the market.  But in a world where rose and light, chilled reds are the order of the day Pavana just might find some fans.  Fingers crossed the people love it as much as we at Chalmers do.